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Pregnancy Cravings and the Tale of the Left Bananas

So, my wife is pregnant, and along with all the other symptoms of pregnancy she gets cravings. Typically these pregnancy cravings are nothing too far out there like pickles and anchovies, or monkey brains, but a couple of days ago during the afternoon I received this text that says: “Let’s make banana splits after the kids go to bed.” Of course, I responded in the affirmative and noted that I would have to run out and get ice cream and bananas.


Several hours later bedtime arrived, and as per usual, our 3 year old wanted Daddy to put her to bed and tell her a story, and as per usual, Daddy fell asleep during said story.


I woke up a short time later to find that dear wife had taken it upon herself to drive her pregnant self to the store herself.


She was frustrated when she walked into the door with only ice cream in her bag. She’d gone to two stores. The first did not have the type of ice cream she prefered, so she left her bananas and went to the next store, which did have the ice cream but only had very green bananas. Being too pregnant and tired to go back to the other store, she returned home with only half of the required bounty.


I quickly volunteered to drive to the original store to fetch the bananas and bring them home. I thought that perhaps at this point it would be considered too late for banana splits, but when the pregnancy cravings call, you answer.


Only, the bananas were green. The search was on for the bananas she had left. And there they were, sitting on a cheese end cap in the ice cream aisle. Again, she was too tired to walk them back to the fresh fruit section.

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The “Right Bananas” resting comfortably on the baby bell cheese.

As I was walking to check out I noticed something that caught my eye in the next refrigerated aisle. Apparently she was not the only ones ditching bananas that day. I took a quick photo, unfortunately that is a little blurry. Behold the “Left Bananas” not to be confused with the “Right Bananas” because I have a feeling that nobody is coming back for these sad little orphans.

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The “Left Bananas” orphaned among the cream cheese, notice they are not alone as their fallen tomato comrades have been ditched as well.


Now I am wondering how often this happens. If you’ve got an interesting story about ditching items in the supermarket, I would love to hear about them in the comments.

Or even some good pregnancy cravings stories.

Oh, and if you are serious about your bananas, then take a look at this banana protector with attached carabiner. I can’t imagine eating a banana while rock climbing without it!

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  • Danny July 31, 2018 at 10:13 am

    My wife liked McDonalds fries dipped in banana milkshake. Spoke about it like everyone did it!


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