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The Ultimate Dad Gift Guide For a Father Who Loves Nintendo

Every year around November I am asked what gifts I would like for Christmas. Typically I just ask for funny t-shirts. You can’t go wrong with a witty t-shirts and my kids get a huge kick going through the bargain bins and finding shirts with such sayings as “Behold Farticus” or “Who Farted? This Guy” with an illustration of two thumbs pointed directly at yours truly.

Oh! And let’s not forget all the “Guess what? Chicken Butt!” shirts. Frankly, those are classics and will never go out of style.

But I digress; you can only tell your family that you want shirts so many times before they begin to grow tired of getting you the same type of gift year after year after year.

If you are coming here to get some quick gift ideas for the gamer dad who loves Nintendo. You most certainly have come to the right place!

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You’ve come to the right place!

For that purpose I am creating a list of gift ideas for a dad who loves all things Nintendo. This my friends is not a general list, this is my list. It is my assumption that there must be more dads out there like me, and that certainly they have loved ones who could benefit from a list like this. I will keep this list up to date and as honest as possible. What you are about to see is a curated list of Nintendo things that I personally would love getting as gifts.

Zelda Switch Case

My awesome wife got me a Nintendo Switch the day it came out. To do this she had to spend several hours in a line at a store that happened to not be sold out. It was an fantastic surprise waiting for me when I got home from work that day. That wonderful woman is always doing awesome things like that for me.

Now, I needed to keep my new treasure safe, so I got on the internet and purchased a case for it. Back then there were not a lot of choices so I went with the sturdy and practical. And it is just that, plain and practical.

Now days there are many more options and there are some really cool leather Zelda Breath of the Wild cases. My practical side just can’t convince myself to spend the extra money when I have a perfectly good usable Switch case, but if I got one as a gift…

Zelda Switch Carrying Bag

The cases are cool, no doubt, but I also do a lot of live streaming. Check out my twitch channel at (Not to brag or nothing, but I am currently ranked #249 of the most watched Super Mario Maker 2 Channels on Needless to say, I carry a lot of accessories around with me, like my extra dock, power supply, elgato, extra hdmi cables, controllers etc… Some of these Zelda cases are so cool! They beg to hold my gaming supplies!

Super Mario Maker 2 Toys

Let’s be honest here, I never grew up. I may not play with toys in the same way, but I do appreciate how they decorate my office. You can’t go wrong with the classic Mario toys and action figures.

Zelda Toys

While we are on the topic of toy gifts. Zelda toys are on the top of my list. Breath of the Wild is hot right now, but man the new Link’s Awakening stuff is so dang cute! I will take them all please.

Zelda Action Figures

See above. You cannot go wrong with Zelda.

Switch Controller

As a typical Nintendo fanboy I can tell there is very little Nintendo can do wrong in my eyes. And they have a pretty amazing track record with controllers.

To put it mildly, I am on the fence with their recent round of controllers. Don’t get me started… but yeah, the pro controller is garbage for Tetris 99. I used the pro controller for a while with Super Mario Maker 2, but ended up feeling clunky so I switched to the joycons. And now, those all have severe drift issues. I have heard great things about these 8bitDO controllers. But haven’t felt it necessary to spend the money on myself. However, it were say… a gift! I would not refuse it!

Make sure you get one that is specially compatible with the Switch, or whatever system it is intended for.

These 3 controllers are currently the highest on my wish list. Look at the fully featured snes style controller! And it works on PC, Steam and android! I am salivating!

Portable Dock

If you play your switch at more than one location, an extra dock and power supply are a must. I play at home in my office, at work in my office as well as my living room. If you are serious, you need to invest in some minor conveniences that make life a bit easier.

Nintendo Shirts

We talked a bit about t-shirts earlier. But let’s be honest, you can’t ever have too many Nintendo themed shirts I will never ever complain about getting a cool shirt!

Alright my Nintendo friends. Hopefully you found this list helpful. If there is something you really think I should have added to the list. feel free to comment below.

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