The Best Chicken Sitter Checklist

If you own chickens you have probably noticed that as much as you’d like them to be, they just aren’t that good at packaging their own eggs and delivering them to your fridge. Nor are they all that good at cutting open bags of feed and filling up their feeder. Not to mention the water! I can’t keep them from…

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left, banana, pregnancy cravings

Pregnancy Cravings and the Tale of the Left Bananas

So, my wife is pregnant, and along with all the other symptoms of pregnancy she gets cravings. Typically these pregnancy cravings are nothing too far out there like pickles and anchovies, or monkey brains, but a couple of days ago during the afternoon I received this text that says: “Let’s make banana splits after the kids go to bed.” Of…

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How to Build an Awesome DIY Chicken Coop

Are You Thinking About Building a Coop? If you are a chicken owner, or thinking about getting chickens, you may want to think about a building or buying a chicken coop. Alternatively, you can let them roam free but you have to consider potential predators. When we first got brand new chicks,  three years ago, we came into the whole process…

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